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An immersive experience

City PAD is an interactive interface to discover the cities being overflown as well as the destination.
It offers your passengers a much deeper experience than any other moving map. With City PAD, this is no longer a question of wanting to know where you are, this is about much more

A revolutionary 3D Moving Map

Live flight data

Click and discover

Business Intelligence

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The finest views

Rotate 360°- Zoom – Panoramic
City PAD provides your passengers with a choice of 4 imposing views: plane, window, pilot and ground, all available in 3D, for a completely realistic experience in image quality and details that will leave you breathless.

Live flight data

Information related to the flight is updated in real-time and is easy to access. From departure to arrival, with the console, a passenger can access all of this information with a simple click.

Child mode available

Because discovering the world starts from the youngest age, City PAD offers the possibility to toggle the map into child mode, with amusing and educational language lessons and activities.

Click and discover

As soon as a city is overflown, City PAD offers you the opportunity to learn everything you wanted to know about it. With a picture library, things to see and do, culture and cuisine, nothing is forgotten.
And if you wanted to go back to a city already overflown? The flight history allows you to return to the destination concerned.


Travel tips

Receiving need-to-know information on the destination is viewed favourably by passengers.

This is why City PAD integrates travel tips with essential information such as transport connections, what things cost, tips, currencies, holidays, places to visit etc…

Language Lessons

“With languages, you are at home anywhere” said Edmund de Waal.

Fox Tripper shares his vision and incorporates a feature allowing passengers to learn the language of their local destination during the flight.

Cultural differences

Discovering the diversity of local cultures is the jewel in the crown.

Update your passengers with information about cultural differences that will help them be fully immersed during their stay.


Quality Content

Thanks to our prestigious partners, Fox Tripper can ensure your passengers are provided with the highest quality information. The content is also adaptable, thanks to tools that use machine learning analytics



City PAD is available for an IFC portal, w-IFE and a seat-back screen

Fully customizable

Because your brand identity is so important, City PAD is a fully customisable tool, whether it the graphic charter and logo, aircraft on the map, positioning of content, interactive menus….with real-time updates guaranteed


The passenger has a wide choice of languages, among the most widely spoken in the world and much, much, more. Ask for a language in which you’re interested, and let us incorporate it for you?

Business intelligence

Use the business intelligence tools to analyse passenger behaviours to better understand their needs, generate relevant and specific analytical reports tailored to to meet your business objectives


Highlight those cities overflown that you can also propose as a destination thanks to an API specially developed for you. This opens up a new channel to promote your end destinations