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An immersive experience

City PAD is an interactive interface to discover the cities being overflown as well as the destination.
It offers your passengers a much deeper experience than any other moving map. With City PAD, this is no longer a question of wanting to know where you are, this is about much more

Key Features

Realistic views

City explorer

Destination guides

KPIs & create report

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Breathtaking views

City PAD offers your passengers realistic 3D views that will leave them breathless: cockpit view, aircraft 360° view, ground surface view, passenger window views, Night view (Nasa Black Marble)

Flight information

From departure to arrival, City PAD displays flight information to your passengers in real-time in a ticker that can be customized to your corporate visual identity.

New Head-up display

With its realistic cockpit view and a modern cockpit head-up, give your passengers the impression that they share the pilot’s view.

City explorer

Where we are? What is this town? Let your passengers discover the world along the flight path. As soon as a tourist city or an area of interest is overflown, City PAD invites them to discover all they need to know in terms of POI and POA. A captivating feature for that’s a veritable invitation to do further travels.


Destination guides

Provide your passengers with the most complete and updated destination guide on the market: Things to do and see, History, Shopping, Gastronomy, Travel tips… nothing is forgotten. You have your own content? Use the back office tools provided to integrate it easily.

Language Lessons

“With languages, you are at home anywhere” said Edmund de Waal.

Fox Tripper shares his vision and incorporates a feature allowing passengers to learn the language of their local destination during the flight.

Cultural differences

Discovering the diversity of local cultures is the jewel in the crown.

Update your passengers with information about cultural differences that will help them be fully immersed during their stay.


Quality Content

Thanks to great partnerships with the world’s top guide providers, we can always ensure high quality and up-to-date content.




Several devices, one moving map! Use the same moving map for your wide and narrow body (w-IFE, Seatback IFE and IFC Portal)


Fully customizable

Providing you with a moving map that aligns to your brand identity and colors is our priority. It’s why, from the content to the GUI, City PAD is designed to be a fully customizable app.



Displays place names, flight information and content concerning cities flown over and destinations in a wide variety of languages.


Business intelligence

For a 6h flight, passengers spend 1h28 on the moving map. With our BI tools, we turn this time into real market research


Benefit from a new channel to promote your destination during the flight path