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Because great passenger experience
drives loyalty, increased revenues
and recommendations…

We integrate business intelligence tools
into each of our solutions.

Activated at your request, they allow you to analyse the choices and the behaviours of your passengers. Fox Tripper is the best partner for you, because understanding your passengers is a critical asset for your sales and your strategic decisions.

Statistics show that for a flight of 6 hours the moving map is used on average for one hour and 28 minutes. The possibility to leverage this time to an airline’s benefit first led to the idea of City Pad.

As a result, Fox Tripper has developed a highly immersive and captivating moving map, capable of analysing the behaviours and the choices of your passengers. A genuine support in strategic decision making, the BI tools coupled to City Pad provide you with content that’s dynamic and highly relevant.

logo OmnishopBecause a positive shopping experience drives loyalty and recommendations, the BI tools deliver offers to passengers that are aligned perfectly to their expectations. Complementing City PAD, it’s another asset that can drive successful strategic decisions.

With a comprehensive understanding of the airline business, our BI Tools will not only meet your expectations but also provide support to your teams.

In an era of ultra-customization, our solution puts you in a leadership position:

  • Passenger understanding (needs, expectations, purchase behaviours…)
  • Dynamic content and offers
  • A competitive advantage
  • Marketing potential
  • Helps strategic development



Because the technical environment can change from one aircraft to another, we have built a tool that adapts to differing configurations, while keeping its performance intact


Because the data of your passengers is precious, we ensure it is absolutely protected in all circumstances. No leaks, peace of mind assured


Maximize the in-flight passenger experience by offering them content that becomes as relevant and as targeted as possible. Creating the perfect conditions for an optimal conversion rate


Receive comprehensive monthly KPIs and reports with your brand identity incorporated (Customer tracking, Market retargeting…)


You have a right to be demanding of your partners, which is just as well because we are continually innovating to meet your requirements. Machine Learning and AI are our next steps

GDPR enabled

From their generation to their interpretation, data belongs only to you

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